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We bring the most up to date science to live streaming interactivity with world-class scientists responsible for everything from training astronauts in the world’s only underwater saturation laboratory to developing robots that interact with us as equals and engineers who create tech to use on Mars, all to inspire and excite your students to embrace and explore science in school and in life. 

Quark Academy offers the rock-solid functionality of today’s best online learning technology and an engaging, intuitive and responsive user interface that works effortlessly on all devices, to enrich and inspire students in STEM-focused education. Our inaugural program, the Hab Lessons, engages with the team running the only saturation environment on earth, where NASA trains its astronauts for life in space, all as an auxiliary enrichment program for kids 11 – 14. 

Whether your student’s passion is oceans’ conservation, space exploration or world domination, Quark Academy has materials to enrich, entice and inspire young people to question, explore, evaluate and affect – come be part of the action!

Check out The Hab Lessons!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut?  Live on the International Space Station?  Travel to the moon or even Mars?  What about living under the ocean?  Study marine animals right outside your window?  Learn more about the world beneath the sea? There’s only ONE place on the entire planet that allows you to train for all of this and more!

The Hab Lessons is a very special interactive video series that shows you the research, training, and cool scientific experiments performed by the team on the Aquarius Underwater Habitat and Laboratory, a unique underwater habitat located off the coast of the Florida Keys.  You’ll get to know the team, see how they live, how they train, ask questions, and even send suggestions for experiments to the people working and living sixty-five feet under water.

Want to see more? Have a look at The Hab Lessons Course and start your own explorations!

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